yeedi vac station + series provides customizable cleaning

Want a home that literally cleans itself? The vacuums and mops in the yeedi vac station + series automatically adapts to your flooring type, and their mix-and-match options give your home a customized clean.

Cross cleaning floors off your to-do list with the yeedi vac station + series. This high-tech robot vacuum series lets you customize your cleans thanks to their advanced tech and modular design. That’s right; the series includes mix-and-match options when it comes to vacuums, self-emptying stations, and mops.

When you’re busy all day with work, meetings, and carting the kids off to their activities, the last thing you want to think about when you get home is cleaning your floors. But those dust bunnies and crumbs do tend to accumulate. Luckily, the yeedi vac station + series makes it so that you don’t have to deal with them. This useful gadget adapts to your home and flooring type for a customized clean. Let’s have a look at it.

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A modular robot vacuum series gives you flexibility

Whether you live in a loft downtown or a sprawling mansion in the suburbs, this high-tech robot vacuum series has a vacuum to suit your needs. This collection includes mix-and-match products with a uniquely modular design ideal for both large and small living areas. With five core offerings, you’re sure to find a vacuum that meets your needs.

yeedi vac station + series
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5 core models suit your unique cleaning needs

Because every home and lifestyle is different, it’s impossible to expect one vacuum to rise to every cleaning occasion. Thankfully, the yeedi vac station + series comes in five core offerings that suit different cleaning needs.

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yeedi vac station

If your home’s cleaning situations run the gamut between picking up after pet mess and your kids’ crumbs in a large home, go for the yeedi vac station. It’s an all-in-one cleaning maven that includes the yeedi vac max with its wet mop and self-empty station. The yeedi vac max is ideal for large areas, and the mop is indispensable for busy homes.

yeedi vac max

And speaking of the yeedi vac max, you can also buy it just on its own. As we mentioned above, it’s created for larger homes and living spaces. This smart home gadget boasts up to 3,000 Pa of suction power. That way, you can be sure this useful robot tackles any mess.

yeedi vac

But if you live in an apartment, your cleaning needs are likely much different. That’s where the yeedi vac comes in. It’s designed with apartments and smaller living spaces in mind. Plus, it’s compatible with both the self-empty station and wet mop kit as add-on accessories for the ultimate convenience.

self-empty station

If you’d rather skip the whole dust-bin emptying process, you’ll want to add the self-empty station to your setup. It enables automatic self-empty for the yeedi vac. In fact, it holds up to 30 days of dirt. That way, there’s no more sneezing or an itchy nose.

wet-mop kit

Finally, the wet-mop kit gives you the option of automating mopping sessions as well. Because, if you’ve signed up for robotic vacuuming, you might as well go all the way and eliminate mopping as a household chore too. The wet-mop kit turns the yeedi vac into a dry/wet cleaning powerhouse.

Advanced sensors recognize your floor type

If you’ve outfitted your living spaces with hardwood floors, it’s likely your kitchen and bathroom areas boast a more durable flooring, like marble tile. And you’ve certainly got some area rugs here and there. Impressively, yeedi’s robot vacuums identify your floor type with their advanced sensors and instantly change their cleaning tactics when they detect a difference.

So they know just when to boost suction power on carpet or decrease it on hard floors. And, of course, they know to only wet mop on hard surfaces.

A high-tech navigation system creates a thorough map of your home

According to the company, typical robot vacuums rely on random navigation systems that lead to missed spots and bumps. This high-tech robot vacuum series, however, relies on 3D visual SLAM. It creates a detailed map of your home and plans specific cleaning routes for the best possible clean.

Even better, you can edit the map it creates. Just tap the map to choose a room and the area where you want your yeedi vacuum to clean. Otherwise, you can create no-go zones that you want it to avoid. It’s just like painting graphics on a tablet.

A 200-minute runtime makes this smart robot vacuum a reliable helper

If you get frustrated by your current robot vacuum’s wimpy battery, that’s a problem the yeedi vac station + series solves. The yeedi vac station runs up to 200 minutes on a single charge. This makes it a helper that large households can count on.

When it’s running low, this smart home gadget simply returns to its charging dock for a recharge. Then, it picks up where it left off for a seamless cleaning shift. It’s just like having a cleaner in your home 24/7.

App and voice control let you schedule your cleaning

And just like a cleaning crew, you can actually tell this high-tech robot vacuum series what you need it to do. The app and voice control functions let you schedule cleans, set up virtual boundaries, and choose a specific room to clean. It’s all just an Alexa or Google Assistant command away.

If you’ve ever wished you could have a cleaning assistant on call, the yeedi vac station + series makes a great substitute. Its modular design adapts to different living environments, and its advanced sensors allow it to detect flooring types and adapt to suit them. It’s an incredibly useful take on a robot vacuum, and that’s sure to help busy people reduce their workload at home.

The yeedi vac station + series starts at $499.99, and you can buy it on Amazon. What are your favorite gadgets for no-hassle cleaning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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